Your Challenges Understood

We know the complexities involved with selecting and sourcing a raw material for your application.  The selection process can be long and drawn out.  Getting small samples from multiple suppliers that can run on your equipment can be a logistical nightmare.  We know that finding the time and the manpower to run meaningful tests on new materials is a major undertaking. Material tests require serious commitments of time and financial resources. And more often than not, the results are negative or non-conclusive.

Your Needs Met

Most people continue with their current material even as prices increase and the competition moves on to more cost effective solutions.  They hope the status quo will serve them well.  It rarely works out that way. You can't afford to not know the availability and price of an equivalent material. You can't afford not to have an alternative source of materials. You no longer have to struggle through problems with your current material in order to avoid the headaches of testing new alternatives. Just let us help you. Find out what you are missing by letting us walk you through our comprehensive material selection process by clicking the "Right Materials" link above or, if you already know what you want, request a quote below.  

Your Issues Solved

We know you don’t want to spend large blocks of time testing materials that in the end will not work out.  Constant visits from different material suppliers, each with their own agenda can become a web of convoluted data.  We know the stress you feel when stacks of samples are taking up valuable warehouse space causing strain on your already overworked accounting and inventory teams. For less time than it takes to have that cup of coffee to calm your nerves, our team of plastic experts can select a suitable material from our extensive inventory of materials.  We have hundreds of materials from dozens of suppliers to select from. Typically we can have the recommended material on its way to you within 24 hours. Hassle free. 

Your Questions Answered

New advancements in materials are happening all the time.  Don’t miss out on opportunities to cut down on production time or improve product quality just because you didn’t know about the latest material developments. Our network of suppliers and up to date industry news guarantee that you’ll always have the most updated material information. Plastics are evolving faster than you think.  The automotive industry is replacing steel and metal parts at an ever increasing speed. Industries like LPG are moving to composites.  This is due to increasing acceptance and adoption of performance polymers. Follow us on Facebook to get important industry updates