Exxelor is product line of maleic anhydride grafted polymers from ExxonMobil Chemical Company. Exxelor allows for unique physical property adjustment due to its maleic anhydride grafted sections which serve to increase the base polymer's polarity. This allows for improvement of targeted physical properties in polar materials such as nylon, glass fiber (GF) filled applications and others. This also allows the nylon or other polar material to take full advantage of the Exxelor base polymer's elastic and toughness properties.

ExxonMobil has a long history of producing strengthening agents for nylon applications, especially with their EPDM grades. By relying on their cutting edge processing technology they are able to acheive excellent low temperature impact results. In addition, their more than 30 years of experience has given them the know-how to produce materials with controlled grafting which are very stable and have great compatibility with nylon.  

Now, ExxonMobil is increasing their production volume in order to bring their high performance Exxelor products to Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region. 


Impact Modification 

Elastomers such as EPDM, TPO, POE and others can be used to improve the toughness of a polymer, especially low temperature impact requirements. However, these elastomers are all non-polar, so they cannot be used directly with nylon, polyester, polycarbonate or other polar materials. Therefore, Exxelor grafts maleic anhydride onto the base elastomer which allows for smooth impact modification and compatibilizing effects in nylon and other polar materials.

Coupling Agent

Glass fibers (GF) typically undergo a chemical surface treatment known as "sizing". These surface chemicals often cause the fibers not to link well with base polymers during compounding, which causes uneven dispersion and uneven physical property improvement. The maleic anhydride acts as a coupling agent between the fiber sizing and the base polymer which causes more even dispersion within the resin, giving better strengthening results. 

Compatibilizer and adhesion promoter

ExxonMobil's Exxelor polymer resins work to achieve compatibility between most commonly used polar polymers and polyolefins. 


VA Grade nylon strengthener/Compatibilizer

  • VA1801:PA general purpose grade. High graft rates. EPDM-based material with good strengthening properties. Works for low temperature impact modification down to -20C.

  • VA1803:PA high toughness grade。High graft rates. EPDM-based material with good strengthening properties. Works for low temperature impact modification down to -40C.

PO Grade PP/PE

  • PO1020: PP general purpose grade. High graft rates. PP-based additive for use in glass fiber filled PP applications.