Vistamaxx case study: Golf Tee

Let’s talk about Vistamaxx.

Vistamaxx is a propylene-based elastomer (PBE) from Exxon Mobil Corporation. Elastomers such as Vistamaxx can be used to adjust and balance physical properties within polypropylene (PP) blends. Due to ethylene content levels, Vistamaxx PBE will be considerably softer than PP materials. This means that Vistamaxx can be used to adjust the flexibility, softness, toughness, or durability of a PP blend. Vistamaxx can also increase transparency and reduce stress whitening as well as accept coloring well, which can give your product increased visual appeal.  

We recently received samples of ExxonMobil’s latest Vistamaxx success showcase: a high-performance, durable golf tee. This particular application demonstrates Vistamaxx’s compatibility within homopolymer polypropylene (hPP). The stem is white with a pleasant gloss and 5-10% Vistamaxx 6202 (datasheet here) added into hPP to give the stem slight bendability which will increase its overall durability. The head is a vibrant orange-colored overmolded part composed of 90% Vistamaxx 6202 in hPP.

There are a few things to remember when adding elastomers to your hPP. Your additive ratio will greatly affect the physical properties of your final product. Higher concentrations of Vistamaxx will result is lower tensile strength and hardness and increased impact strength, elongation and flexibility. Furthermore, due to the fact that Vistamaxx will influence your overall material’s properties you may need to tweak your processing conditions to account for the change. This usually means you can lower your processing temperatures and make adjustments to processing speeds. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding adding Vistamaxx to your materials.