We've Added New Vistalon Data Sheets

Last time we talked about ExxonMobil’s Vistamaxx grades. We’ll stay on the theme of ExxonMobil products, this time to talk about Vistalon. Vistalon is a range of ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber grades that are designed to provide excellent heat (up to 175°C), ozone, and weather resistance. Vistalon also offers good water resistance, good electrical insulation and good low temperature flexibility. Additionally, it has good resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids, and alkalines.

Vistalon rubber grades are used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive, consumer, and industrial sectors. Common applications include: automotive belts, industrial belts and hoses, seals, gaskets, pads, electrical insulation, and roofing sheets. Vistalon can also be blended with other materials such as plastics and elastomers to adjust physical properties in the final compound. 

We’ve seen our customers benefit from Vistalon with improved processes, enhanced performance and increased value for their end-products. We recently added data sheets for several Vistalon grades for calendered, extruded and molded applications ranging from roofing membranes and water management to automotive weatherseal hoses and gaskets, to electrical connectors and compounds. Check out the data sheets here on our ExxonMobil Chemical Data Sheet page and contact us for formulations specific to your unique requirements.