Thermoformed Food packaging

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Ready-made food packaging

With over 20 years of experience in production, our partners specialize in manufacturing a wide variety of thermoformed plastic food packaging containers and vacuum forming products. We can offer a broad range of ready-made food packaging solutions from plastic cutlery, salad bowls and cups to fruit containers, food trays and baked-goods containers. Other ready-made applications include sushi trays, bento boxes, egg cartons, and vegetable bowls. Contact us to begin sourcing your thremoformed food packaging products from Taiwan!  


Customizable solutions

We can also offer customizable solutions to fulfill your unique food packaging requirements. If we do not have a ready-made product that suits your needs, do not worry! Contact us for information on developing a design that is perfect for your user-end requirements. Experience the ease and satisfaction of having high quality food packaging delivered right to your door!