ExxonMobil's Vistalon™ ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber is used in a wide variety of applications, offering processing and finished product performance beyond the capabilities of natural and general-purpose synthetic rubbers. Vistalon is designed to provide excellent heat (up to 175°C), ozone, and weather resistance. Vistalon also offers good water resistance, good electrical insulation and good low temperature flexibility. Additionally, it has good resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids, and alkalines.

Vistalon rubber grades are used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive, consumer, and industrial sectors. Common applications include: automotive belts, industrial belts and hoses, seals, gaskets, pads, electrical insulation, and roofing sheets. Vistalon can also be blended with other materials such as plastics and elastomers to adjust physical properties in the final compound. Vistalon EPDM can be loaded with high levels of filler for cost-effective compounding.

We’ve seen our customers benefit from Vistalon with improved processes, enhanced performance and increased value for their end-products. We recently added data sheets for several Vistalon grades for calendered, extruded and molded applications ranging from roofing membranes and water management to automotive weatherseal hoses and gaskets, to electrical connectors and compounds. Check out the data sheets here on our ExxonMobil Chemical Data Sheet page and contact us for formulations specific to your unique requirements.

Vistalon 722

Vistalon 722 offers excellent electrical properties, provides excellent processability of the polymer and cable compound, enhanced cable flexibility and low temperature performance compared with conventional EPDM, cross-linked polyethylene and competitive metallocene-based EPDM.

Suitable for medium and low voltage wire and cable applications, Vistalon 722 is supplied in pellet rather than baled form, making it easy and clean to use. Already approved in several commercial applications, Vistalon 722 is proving highly successful. 

Here are some data and physical properties of the Vistalon 722. 

Vistalon 722 Information.pdf

Vistalon 722 Properties.pdf

Our company distributes the Vistalon 722, for more information please contact us through the button on the right side.

規格名稱 Grade Name廠商 Supplier Mooney Viscosity Ethylene Content ENB Content 應用 Application 備註 Remark Data Sheet 物性表中文
Vistalon 722 ExxonMobil 17 72.0%
Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Compound, Cable MWD Narrow, Metallocenes
Vistalon 8731 ExxonMobil 24 76.0% 3.3% Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Compound

Vistalon 404 ExxonMobil 28 45.0%
Molded and Mechanical Goods MWD very Board
Vistalon 3666 ExxonMobil 52 64.0% 4.5% Low Hardness Articles, Appliance Gaskets, Shock Absorbers, Resilient Profiles, Hoses

Vistalon 3702 ExxonMobil 60 69.0% 2.8% Sheeting Goods: Roofing Membranes and Water Management Applications Metallocenes
Vistalon 8600 ExxonMobil 81 58.0% 8.9% Sponge Bimodal
Vistalon 2502 ExxonMobil 26

Brake Parts, Precision Seals, Gaskets, Molded Foam Sheets, Electrical Connectors, Hose Mandrels. Polymeric Plasticizer Applications Low Ethylene

Vistalon 5601 ExxonMobil 72

Industrial and Automotive Hoses, Extruded Profiles and Molding Applications.
Vistalon 6602 ExxonMobil 80

Extruded Applications: Automotive Weatherseals or Hoses, Good Compression Set Molded Applications Med-High Mooney
Vistalon 7001 ExxonMobil 60

Formolded and Mechanical Goods, Hoses and Extruded Profiles. High Ethylene
Vistalon 9301 ExxonMobil 67

Sheeting Goods: Roofing Membranes and Water Management Applications. Metallocenes