Additional Services

For more than 20 years, Wewill has been an active player in the plastics market in Taiwan. Through our commitment to personalized, professional service and passionate quest for quality, we have acquired a strong team of individuals uniquely positioned to offer a new genre of services to the Taiwan market. Following a recent influx of unique requests from our customers, their clients and people who heard about us from their friends’ friend, we’re excited to bring the following services. Also, if you’re looking for alternate suppliers or manufacturers because of the US China trade tensions, we can help with that. Don’t let the fear of tariffs and price increases haunt you or your customers. Taiwan can help!

Supplier Audits

Converters are not all created equal. You don’t need us to tell you that. But during our 20+ years of experience in the local Taiwan market, we’ve seen our share of factories and we know how to select the right factory for you. Each project requires a unique skill set, flexibility, volume, price, location, equipment specifications, etc. We’ll help you find just the right factory, with just the right team of people to get your job done right.


Whether it’s document translation, or help with interpretation, we’ve got you covered. Although all of our colleagues speak English, Ethan Feig and Joe Westerhof are native English speakers, hailing from the United States. We’ll make sure your needs get communicated accurately and that you will have a clear understanding of the project details. Taiwan is our home and we want you to enjoy success in your endeavor here, whatever it may be.


You might have a major project requirement from your employer, or a few quick factory visits. Whatever it is, we’ll help you arrange anything from transportation, hotels, or line up potential clients, customers, or suppliers. Give us a try. If we can’t do it for you, we’ll tell you directly and point you in the right direction. We’re leaving this section intentionally vague so that you won’t be intimidated about asking us about anything. Really.


With more than 15 International suppliers and hundreds of customers across the globe, negotiation is second nature to us. We’ll get you what you need in a way that meets your needs. Pricing, quality, volume, etc. We’re on it.


Setting up in a new country can be a challenge. Where will you live? What school district is the best? What’s a fair rent? How do I take public transportation? Where should I go over the 4-day weekend? We’ve got experience with all of these and more. We have experience hosting mini trips, dinners, night market excursions, factory visits, and airport pick-ups. Whatever you throw at us, we’ll take away the hassle so you can relax and focus on what’s important.

Quality Management

We’ve heard stories of a first trip to Taiwan and how wonderful everything went. Good meetings. Clear expectations. Done deal. Except when you come back a month later and your blue plastic toy is a pink screwdriver. We’ll help you stay on top of the project every step of the way, ensuring the product you pick up meets or exceeds your expectation.

Project management

Have you ever managed a project across two or more cultures? It’s more different than you’d imagine. From meeting styles to report details, it’s all different. And we’re prepared. We’ve got experience communicating with the savvy techies, the money oriented sales folks, the marketing gurus, and the get’er done bosses. Leave the details to us. You’re in good hands.

Material consulting

From Kickstarter projects to international brands, we’ve hand crafted materials for small project to major brand initiatives. Have you ever looked at a data sheet and wondered what all those numbers mean? Do you remember thinking, “I just don’t want this to break when I use it outside in the winter” or “It just needs to bounce the same height on day 1,000 as it did the day I bought it”? That’s our specialty. We’ll translate those numbers in to meaningful physical properties so that your product performs just like you’d expect it should.