Vistamaxx Introduction


TPOs and TPVs in the plastics industry is no secret.  Olefinic TPEs originally comprised only two classes of rubber-modified polypropylene, known as TPO and TPV. Recently, these have been supplemented by new types of olefinic elastomers that can be used on their own or as the rubber component in TPO/TPV compounds.

ExxonMobil Chemical introduced Vistamaxx propylene-ethylene elastomers in August 2003 and is produced with Exxpol® metallocene catalyst technology in a new solution polymerization plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Vistamaxx is primarily propylene with a low amount of ethylene comonomer.  The high propylene crystallinity results in a high degree of elasticity and higher temperature resistance beyond those obtainable with metallocene plastomers.

Vistamaxx Applications

  • Improved elasticity

  • Durable and soft

  • Good foamability due to LCB (long chain branching) properites

  • HMS properties between regular PP and HMSPP

  • Improved scratch and mar resistance

  • Improved weatherability and clarity

  • Much lower shrinkage and compression set

  • Improved colorability, surface finish, and aesthetics (soft touch)

  • Better flow properties

  • Bonds especially well to PP and mPE

  • Low density

  • Works well with fillers (.ie. talc, oil, CaCo3, etc)

  • Can be used in conjunction with SEBS to reduce costs

  • Great low temperature resistance to -20C.


Vistamaxx Elastic Films**

It is now possible to produce truly elastic films based on Vistamaxx specialty elastomers. Vistamaxx specialty elastomers are available today to impart elasticity and a range of impressive properties to your films. Films based on Vistamaxx specialty elastomers can be tailored to be highly elastic, tough, flexible, clear and quiet. These films can be produced via cast or blown film processing.
Depending on the required properties and processing, Vistamaxx specialty elastomers are used in mono- or multi-layer film with non-Vistamaxx skin layers. Orientation of a multi-layer film produces a quiet, drapeable elastic film, which is ideal for use in personal care applications. Should you desire to obtain enhanced cling or adhesion properties in your film, Vistamaxx specialty elastomers in the skin layer provides excellent cling at low levels or adhesion to a variety of substrates.

So, whether you are seeking solutions for personal care, medical, packaging, or protective films, take hold of Vistamaxx specialty elastomers and see what they can do for your customers.
Benefits of using Vistamaxx specialty elastomers in your films:

    * Produce elastic films using conventional processing equipment
    * Achieve thermal processability similar to polyolefins
    * Impart true elasticity in coex structures with silky feel and no surface blocking
    * Attain excellent adhesion to conventional or metallocene PE and PP
    * Provide excellent cling properties in lean blends with linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)
**As found on the ExxonMobil website

Vistamaxx TPO Modification**

Improve the toughness of your PP-ethylene elastomer blends by incorporating very low amounts of Vistamaxx specialty elastomers as a compatibilizer.  Target applications are automotive TPOs for bumper fascia, wheel covers, side pillars, hard auto interior panels, and rigid sheeting.
Incorporating Vistamaxx specialty elastomers as a major component in PP-based compounds yields soft, flexible, durable surfaces for automotive skins, commercial roofing membranes, and consumer applications. The potential for soft applications is limited only by your imagination.
Vistamaxx specialty elastomers provide excellent adhesion to conventional or metallocene PP and PE, enhancing product design and flexibility. For example, bonding all forms of common homo-PP or RCP is attainable below the melting point of these polymers. This makes bonding to nonwovens, films, fibers or molded parts easy with Vistamaxx specialty elastomers.
With Vistamaxx specialty elastomers as the primary component, clear and flexible compounds are obtainable for blow molded or injection molded applications ranging from shoes and mouth guards to grips and a wide range of consumer products. All of this is possible with tailorable softness and colorability with the processing convenience of a polyolefin.
Benefits of using Vistamaxx specialty elastomers in your compounds:

    * Create soft TPO compounds for use as skins or membranes without the addition of plasticizers
    * Attain excellent adhesion to conventional or metallocene PP
    * Maintain polyolefin processability
    * Create clear and flexible compounds 
**As found on the ExxonMobil website

Grades Available

Vistamaxx Markets

  • All types of films

  • Fibers

  • Sheeting

  • Polyolefin modification

  • Automotive interior and exterior parts

  • Nonwovens

  • Packaging

  • Personal care

  • Wire/cable

  • Soft-touch grips

  • Foams for sports, leisure, and consumer products,